Ancestral Reserves is a Black Woman Owned and Operated company. We started this company because we realized how great the need in the Black and Brown community is to re-connect with our Ancestors.  The practice of burning Ancestor Money is known to many within other cultures but little known to Black and Brown peoples who have Ancestors from the United States. It is our express desire that burning Ancestor Money, in the way we have shared, will be an incredibly helpful tool to members of the Black and Brown communities


Orders that are not customized take 2-3 days for processing.  Orders that are customized can take longer depending on how long it takes you to send us back the customization form.  Every order is processed individually to ensure once you receive your Paq you will be able to focus on the process of re-connecting with your Ancestors.

So lets talk about how we do the count ...

The 4 Generations Paq covers up to 30 Ancestors - 1st generation, parents; 2nd generation, grandparents; 3rd generation, great grandparents; 4th generation; great great grandparents

This is the standard in lineage counting. However, because Ancestor Money is for the dead ONLY, your Paq may not include the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation. Good thing your parents and/or grandparents are still alive. Thats awesome. Even more awesome is if your great grandparents are still alive. That means when you order our 4 Generations Paq, and your parents and grandparents are still alive, your Paq will just include your great grandparents and great great grandparents. We do it this way because of the structure of the Paqs, but, primarily because with every generation the people count doubles.  The 5th generation cannot be included in the 4 Generation Paq because the 5th generation's count starts at 32 people.  If you feel a certain way about this, call us. We'll see what we can do.

Paqs come in two options: $100,000 Gold Certificate bills (the largest denomination ever printed in the United States) and the yet to be printed new $20 bill with Harriet Amarinta Ross (Tubman) featured on the front



For Paqs that require customization you will receive a form to fill out after your order is placed.

Collective Ancestors Paqs that require customization will have an option to allow us to use the Ancestors you have listed in our future Paqs. We look forward to learning about unsung Ancestors. Its an amazing part of this process. 




Each Paq is placed in an adorable money envelope and sealed in wax. Making them a lovely, presentable gift.  Your entire order is placed inside a shipping package and mailed USPS. 

Regarding returns ... refunds ... not sure what you'd be returning but if you want a refund then let me know and I'll see what i can do about it.  We'll figure something out.